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Book Keeping Services

Our employees are highly trained and capable of handling all of your business needs. Our systems allow us to be efficient and spend less time on your books, which translates into affordable services for you. Book keeping is a crucial element of your business's corporate compliance. Poorly maintained accounting records result in IRS audits, increased taxes, and penalties. Our system keeps your records accurate and well documented, so that you can have confidence in the event of an IRS audit. From monthly and annual review options, to handling every detail of your accounting, Soulence does it all, so that you don't have to.

Entity Setup

A company that is set up improperly will undo any liability protection you may have and cause you to leak hard earned money through paying unnecessary taxes. Only an attorney who specializes in corporate setup, can be trusted to have the expertise to file your entity correctly. This expense pays valuable dividends in terms of the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your company is structured in the most advantageous way possible. A Soulence qualified attorney knows how to set up your company in a way that will increase your chances of success in the future.

Hourly Consulting

Our doors are always open for you to receive tax and entity consulting. Go to the "Contact Us" page and fill in your information, and we will contact you within 24 hours, or call us today.

Payroll Services

For many small businesses, payroll and keeping track of FICA, SUTA, and withholding tax is an unavoidable, unpleasant, and time-intensive process. Simplify your life and business by letting us handle your payroll for only a small fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house accountant. We make sure that your quarterly or bi-weekly payroll requirements are in compliance with the IRS, so that the only thing you need to worry about is what to do with all the extra time we're saving you.

Building Your Tax Structure

Find objective reviews of income tax software based on thorough testing. About top tax software ratings: our ratings were scientifically calculated. Reviews of tax-prep software are rated by ConsumerSearch according to how well each reviewer analyzes differences between TurboTax, TaxCut and other.

Build a protective foundation for all of your financial activities and business dealings.

Our two goals in this program are to 1) maximize your liability protection and 2) minimize your taxes to the extent you want them minimized.

Our process designs a healthy structure for your small business and investments and provides you with the resources to leverage your time, which allows you to focus on what you are truly good at and passionate about. You'll never need to worry about another tax deadline or IRS audit again, because you'll know that your finances are well organized and properly documented.

Tax Preparation

Most, if not all, tax firms charge you based on the amount of hours they spend on your return. This can be a problem for several reasons. First of all, often an accountant who is required to have "billable hours" may take more time on your return than necessary in order to keep his job. This practice actually promotes inefficient behavior.

We, on the other hand, charge fixed rates based on complexity. We eat the cost if we are inefficient, so that you don't have to. You shouldn't be penalized if we are not as efficient as we ought to be. Our philosophy creates a win-win strategy. You win knowing what to expect on your bill and knowing that you will have your return filed in a timely manner. We win by promoting efficiency and focusing on completing your return rather than on billable hours. As an added advantage, you can ask us as many questions as you need to, without worrying that we'll tack on extra charges like most tax firms do.

Unlike tax software, you can ask us questions about your taxes, and we will explain anything you want to know, so that you can increase your tax knowledge for future reference. Unlike tax service franchises, we hire qualified employees who will ask you the right questions to get a full understanding of how we can file your taxes in the most advantageous manner. With a franchise, you basically get a seasonal worker who takes whatever information you initially provide and plug it into a tax software program. You can't expect to get reliable answers to your questions, which increases your chances of having errors or missing out on valuable deductions on your tax return.

Basically, you can buy tax software and do it yourself with the hope that the software lets you know all of the possible options to save taxes. You can pay a tax franchise employee to use a tax software system and hope that their software tells them all of the possible options. Or, you can hire us to think and apply the tax laws to your specific situation , so that you can rest easy knowing that the job was done right by a professional.